Master The Power Of No & Reclaim Time For You!

Do you struggle to say no in your personal and/or professional life?

Are you worried that saying no will

  • Upset someone you care about?
  • Lead to conflict?
  • Make you look or feel bad?
  • or that you could lose or miss out on something?

Are you struggling to juggle your busy schedule, people who count on you, and the commitments you need to fulfil?

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In this guide learn how to…

  • Pinpoint the areas in your life where you tend to over-give the most and decide how you’d like it to be different.
  • Stop automatically saying no and feeling your heart sink.
  • Take your power back and decide what is right for you.
  • Speak your truth and deal with discomfort.
  • Say No with 20 different phrases to suit every occasion
  • Start to set healthy boundaries and bring back a sense of control into your life.
  • Make time for yourself and the things that are really important to you.

Hi, I'm Amy.

I specialise in empowering people with the tendencies to please others (more than themselves) and over-give to become responsibly selfish. Because that’s how you strike a balance between caring for others and honouring your needs too.

  • I believe that life is easier when we find the courage to be true to ourselves, and this, for me, is real freedom.
  • I believe that self-care is more than massages and bubble baths. Real self-care is doing what’s right, not necessarily what’s easy, leaning into the discomfort rather than numbing it, and prioritising your needs at least as much as everyone else’s!
  • I believe that the foundation of happiness is to really know who you are and that who you are (right now) is more than enough

So if you’re ready to make yourself a priority and give yourself the care and attention you so easily give to others then download this free guide to get started on your journey of becoming responsibly selfish.