Client Love

Case studies and testimonials from corporate and private clients.

Before I started working with Amy I was stuck at a crossroads, unable to move forward, and this was affecting my relationships and making me really anxious and confused.

This process has changed my life.

I needed help to get some focus and direction and that’s exactly what Amy has been able to provide.

I’m paying more attention to what’s really important, my core values, and I’m communicating my feelings much better with the people I love.

I’m happier than I’ve been in a long time and I’m incredibly grateful.

I would say to anyone thinking of starting this process that it is well worth doing, I could not recommend it highly enough, and Amy is the perfect person to guide you through it.


When I met Amy my confidence was low as I’d been unsuccessful in securing a promotion I felt I needed to be happier with my life.

I had also just taken a sideways move into a new team and it felt like I was starting all over again trying to prove my capabilities.

Together Amy and I explored my situation and set some goals to become more assertive and improve my confidence.

As the sessions progressed I started to realise that part of the problem was that I believed I couldn’t be happy until I had a promotion, which put additional pressure on me.

I now feel like when the time comes to apply for promotion again I have some coping strategies for when I freeze and can’t think during an interview. I have also removed the self-inflicted pressure so it is easier to keep calm.

Through working with Amy I have become more grateful for what I have whilst also still having goals to keep me moving forward. Knowing I can be content with or without and seeing things as ‘nice to have’ and not a necessity for my happiness.

I came back to coaching with Amy after gaining a lot from previous sessions that we had together.

After overcoming many issues and gaining a wealth of new skills, this time I wanted to improve my planning and confidence.

Working with Amy you can be very honest, which helps greatly when achieving goals without judgement.

The sessions gave me a new approach to planning without the typical rigid structure that can at times make me feel trapped. This alternative approach resulted in me feeling more confident and in control.

Since working with Amy I have secured a promotion and feel that this was a result of some of the skills I have developed in coaching.

I would highly recommend coaching with Amy to anyone who feels they need some support to give them a push to excel.


Thank you so much for my sessions. I think it is essential for growth that you get opportunities to be self-reflective and understand yourself better and you certainly enabled that.

The biggest positive for me was how easy it felt talking to you. From the very first session, I felt at ease with being open and honest with you and that is a testament to your calm and warm demeanour.

Throughout all sessions, I felt listened to and the approach was tailored around what I would find beneficial.

I have been struggling with anxiety and depression for well over 20 years now and I have experienced several approaches either through the NHS or private arrangements with varying success.

Your sessions however always felt that they were written for me to enable me to understand what I can do to make a positive difference in my life, for which I am very grateful.

When I started working with Amy I was feeling overwhelmed and struggled to focus. I felt like I’d lost the proactive, capable and dependable person I used to be

At first, I thought these issues were to do with my new role; I thought I wasn’t enjoying the work or the team and that was the reason my best self wasn’t showing up every day.

Through my sessions with Amy, I came to realise that I had a considerable amount of unresolved issues in my personal life that was spilling over and affecting my ability to work.

I now feel so much lighter since working with Amy. The heavy suitcase I was dragging around has been unpacked, reorganised, some of the harmful stuff has been discarded and the rest put away more neatly, so whilst it’s still there, I know what to expect when I’m ready to deal with it in future.

I’ve learnt to stop being so hard on myself and to judge myself less against the standards that only I expect myself to meet, which makes general life a lot less stressful.

The biggest difference for me has been letting go of guilt from the past and acknowledging that someone else’s feelings are theirs to have.

The way that Amy listened to my incoherent ramblings and then concisely relayed back to me what she had heard always astounded me. It made me feel that I was part of the process, unlike other therapies where someone tells me how I’m feeling and why. 

Amy never rushed me when I was processing and preparing to answer a difficult question and I never felt judged. She encouraged me to go to the uncomfortable places but did so in a way that felt safe and that I could say no at any time.

As a result, I’m more proactive and focused at work, I’m having healthier thoughts when socialising and can identify when I need to let intrusive thoughts come and go. I’m starting to feel like the old me again

If you’re someone who puts uncomfortable emotions in a box on a shelf at the back of their mind, start unpacking them now. There is only so much space back there and there will come a time when the boxes start falling off the shelves which creates a huge great mess of tangled problems.

Thank you so much Amy for listening to me ramble and ignoring all the snot! I hope the above helps convey how grateful I am for your help.

Before working with Amy I was frequently getting frustrated with work and it was affecting my motivation. I was coasting the job and wasn’t enjoying my role.

One of the biggest issues was that I found it difficult to work with colleagues who completed tasks differently from me as I thought it was an inefficient way to do it.

I knew other people that had worked with Amy previously but I was still sceptical about what I would get out of the sessions.

If I am unable to measure it, does it exist? This is a line taken from a TED talk that Amy recommended to me. This was very much my mindset before working with Amy.

However, as a result of coaching, I am now enjoying my role more than ever. I am getting significantly less frustrated when working with others, as I now realise there are many ways to complete a task and not only one way.

Amy helped me to ask ‘why’ without asking why! This less confrontational way of phrasing questions helped open people up and enabled them to give a less defensive, more meaningful answer.

Consequently, I am more confident when around others. I am still an introvert but feel I am more approachable now and my colleagues have noticed that I have a more relaxed demeanour.

The biggest difference is my outlook and mentality towards work. I get less caught up in the way someone completes the work and am more interested in the output.

I am in a great spot at the moment, enjoying work again and pushing myself to work on my weaknesses more rather than just accepting that they are my weaknesses and not trying to improve on them.

As a sceptic at first, I can fully understand why someone may not fully want to jump into coaching, but this experience has helped me grow as a person, be less frustrated with work and more open to other people and their ways of working.

Thank you Amy.



This information you sent me after my complimentary session is knockout! Thank you.

I especially loved your recent newsletter about the 4 types of people-pleasing. It’s not gone into my head that I could be a people pleaser (although I def am) because I don’t think I’ve ever paid attention before to the nuances. You helped me see that!

There is loads there for me to noodle on, THANK YOU!

And – today I said no again to someone who is refusing to respect my boundaries of office hours. I feel like you’ve given me the extra oomph of power I needed to start saying no and feeling that the sky won’t’ fall down. THANK YOU 🙂

When I met Amy I was stuck and paralysed in several situations both inside and outside of work and felt that I had no choice but to sit still and wait for external factors to play out before I could ‘unstick’ myself.  

I needed external help; someone who could unpick the cotton wool in my head.

Amy taught me that I’m never stuck – I always have options (but sometimes I can’t see them).  I learned ways of recognising my triggers and how to react to them. 

I used to be quick to anger and now I’m able to identify what is causing me to feel a particular way, trace it to its origins and cope with it. 

Amy is an excellent listener and an amazing person to have in your corner.  She is non-judgmental, approachable and honest. 

Amy helped me understand what was going on in my head and how to control it.

I now know that I need to say what I want/need and have the courage to speak out.  I am better able to handle the situation I am in.

If you are considering working with Amy then my advice is to give it a go! I wish I could speak to Amy a lot more often!

Prior to working with Amy I found myself often feeling like there was too much to do.  I found myself lacking confidence and therefore presence in meetings despite being there physically.

I wanted to gain confidence, learn to say no and follow through on actions. I wanted to feel that I was on top of what I was doing and completing at the best of my ability. 

I was recommended Amy through work, and when looking at her website etc. many of the values she held resonated with me.

I had some reservations about being able to talk openly and honestly about self-criticism, but Amy made this easy and we built an open relationship where I felt comfortable to be honest and say how I was feeling despite this being virtual.

As a result of coaching I am now more productive. I have a much better work life balance and I am much more focused, which I’m assuming is due to having morer confidence. I have better control on time and am getting more than I ever thought possible done in my working day.

The thing that made the biggest difference was “Starting things because they need to be started, not because you have time to finish.” Doing this has increased my productivity 10 fold.

I found working with Amy very easy and proactive, the use of open questions and helping me come to conclusions on my own made me often realise things that perhaps I hadn’t addressed before or considered prior to our discussions. Through these conversations I changed the way I speak to myself, thus changing the way I actioned things and my perception of self.

My life and career are still busy; however I do not feel like things are passing me by and rather I feel fully present.

Thank you! To anyone considering working with Amy my advice would be DO IT!!!!!!

Amy was recommended to me by my Manager at work as I felt very negative and under valued. I had also lost my father in April 2020 to COVID, which was deeply distressing.

I wanted help to understand my loss and to be more positive about my work.

Coaching has helped me to come to terms with the sad loss of my father and I feel in a more content place even though his loss is still felt.

I also feel that my energy is more positive in relation to work and towards my colleagues. I have had positive feedback from my line manager and others who have noticed this positive difference in me.

What made the biggest impact on me was being introduced to people like the author Brene Brown, being gently challenged in my views, and using the feelings wheel to become more astutely aware of my feelings and to note them.

All of the information you have sent me has been very useful in my journey over the last three months.

I was sceptical at first. If you are, I would strongly recommend having a cup of tea and a chat with Amy to see how she can assist you with whatever your concerns may be.

I found the sessions very personal to my situation and am so glad that I completed them.

I now feel a lot more content in both my personal and professional life.

It’s a 10 out of 10 from me!

    I’d heard some really positive recommendations about Amy and knew speaking to someone would really benefit me. In credit to Amy I felt comfortable enough to open up in our first session and I don’t think I have been so honest with myself in years!

    I think the biggest difference I have seen from these sessions has been the improvement in my self-confidence and self-worth. Amy has shown me how to break down experiences that made me feel insecure and knocked my confidence and helped me to believe in my abilities again.

    It made such a difference having someone that would listen and not judge, whilst also helping me to see different perspectives and ways of analysing a situation.

    Amy not only listened to what I wanted to gain from these sessions but also helped me to understand why the issues had developed in the first place. It would have been very easy to say ‘I want to become more confident’ and for Amy to just give me some techniques to improve confidence. But, understanding how characteristics developed for me was key. This allowed me to break down the negative thought processes I had developed, learn to accept them and move forward.

    Before I could very much be categorised as a people pleaser (I still am) but after working with Amy I’ve been able to accept myself as I am and find the positives in that. A key phrase that resonated with me was ’other peoples happiness is not my responsibility’ – it is ok to a have a different point of view and not mould myself to fit in.

    It has really given me the confidence to put myself out there more, be ok with who I am when doing so, and this specifically I can already tell will help me with my career.

    I would tell someone considering working with Amy to 100% try it. It has been the best thing I have ever done with regards to my mental wellbeing and my career.

    My friend had been working with Amy and recommendede her to me.

    Initially, I went to Amy for some business guidance as I felt I was quite bad at time management so I was hoping she would help me develop a better work-life balance.

    I had some reservations at the start but as soon as we started speaking she just got it and very early on she highlighted how I was always available to everyone.

    She introduced me to boundaries, which had an immediate impact on my world. I realised that the reason I was drowning was because I had none!

    It’s amazing how just implementing some boundaries in all areas of my life I feel like i’ve got so much more time and so much more headspace.

    My life and business feel completely different from when I first met Amy. I feel far more organised, in control, and i’m enjoying it again. And no anxiety!

    I am doing things I would never have had time for previously. Work and home life just feel far more comfortable.

    For anyone thinking of working with Amy, my advice is to just do it, just jump in and trust. I give her 5 out of 5 stars.

    “Due to situations at work and within my personal life, I was generally very overwhelmed, angry, resentful, and emotional about issues outside my control. Through coaching, I have learned that I need to communicate more, especially my expectations!

    I thought coaching would be very high-level theories that I could not apply to my situation. The sessions were very useful to me, as opening up is very difficult for me as an individual. You gave me some practical ideas to resolve my current issues. My listening and communicating skills have improved and I am slowing letting go and delegating jobs that have previously frustrated me.

    I have learned that I need to get back to the things I enjoy and be me again! I now realise that it is not a weakness to ask for help and to not feed the drama! I have really enjoyed these sessions and the time out has provided me with the reflection I need. I am now feeling mentally stronger and looking forward to making time for myself once again.”

      “I felt I was very much in a rut, had lost motivation for my job and long term career, and was struggling to see the joy in both the personal and work aspects of my life. I also had a number of aspirations in mind that I was scared to take forward and was becoming more risk-averse. 

      Through coaching, I have become more aware of my different mental states and the tools and techniques you provided have helped me to manage these more effectively. I feel that this is having a big impact on my positivity and I’m learning to see the benefits in those areas that were previously challenging.

      I have found our discussions to be really thought-provoking. Your reflective questioning has enabled me to be more aware of what is going on for me and other people.

      As a result of working with you, I am consciously being more positive about my approach towards each day. I have done things which I haven’t done previously and would have steered clear of – these are baby steps towards my bigger ambitions.” 



      “When we met I felt I wasn’t getting recognition for the work I do as it wasn’t visible to leadership. I also found myself being overly placatory of others, avoiding conflict.

      I’ve really enjoyed the space that coaching provides to be able to reflect, self-analyse, and improve. I knew a lot about myself already, but our sessions reminded me of some things and helped me to change the things I wanted to change – I need a very good reason to change my behaviours. I’ve learned that I’m more innovative than I think I am. I’m even more concerned about how others view me than I’d realised.

      Your support and exploratory questioning have been helpful in directing my development. Consequently, I’m being more assertive, more expressive, self-promoting and I’m more open to opportunities to increase my visibility across the organisation. I have a greater desire to change and improve myself.”

      “Before we started working together my work and home life were both extremely challenging with high workloads and new skills to be mastered in an environment of seemingly constant change.

      I very much enjoyed our sessions together. Your client approach was thoughtful and well-pitched with appropriate time for reflection and discussion provided. Your application of the tools and methodologies was insightful and rightly driven by our conversations. 

      I have learned that people are ‘creative, resourceful, and whole’. I love this – to me this means that I don’t have to try to fix everyone all the time and it’s ok to be ‘responsibly selfish’.

      I am now taking a step back from others and where I do choose to become involved my focus is now more directed on how I can help them to help themselves. I have become more self-aware in terms of the who I am and what it is I value.” 

      “When I started coaching with you I was fairly new to my role and was still finding my feet.  I felt that people were not aware of the skills that I had previously developed and felt a little under-utilised.

      During the course of our sessions, I experienced some difficulties personally and discussed these with you, so I feel that we developed an open trusting relationship. I have also opened myself up to developing closer relationships with team members, which have meant that I now feel part of a close-knit team.

      My top three takeaways from our sessions are: 

      • I understand my weaknesses and how to change them to strengths.
      • I understand that not all colleagues will have the same understanding as I do therefore can change my approach to ensure that I include other opinions or feelings.
      • I have learned not to make assumptions on how I believe someone should behave or that they will feel and behave the same as me.”



      “When we met I felt that I was lacking confidence and direction in my career and feeling like I hadn’t achieved what I had hoped to. 

      Working with you have been been fantastic. I have looked forward to our sessions and found them really great opportunities to develop ideas and plans that I have taken forward. 

      Coaching has helped me to set new goals in my career and re-evaluate what ‘achieving’ means to me so I can achieve a better work-life balance. I understand my strengths and weaknesses better, what work energises and drains me and that I can change the way I respond to things through my own thoughts and challenging the beliefs I hold.

      I am now happier at work and at home and am more accepting of the career balance I have chosen. I am really enjoying my new role I have developed my management skills including coming up with ways to build my new team, better delegation, and using coaching skills. I believe coaching has helped me move on from a difficult period and focus on developing in a new area. I feel much more motivated at work and highly recommend you.”

      “Prior to my sessions with you, I was lacking in confidence and not particularly positive about my future career plans.  

      The process of working with you has been very easy – you are a very approachable and open person who I found no difficulties opening up to and revealing my hang-ups and woes! 

      I feel I am more confident and I now have a goal ahead of me that I am striving to achieve. I have learned that anything is possible and I can turn a negative like ‘I can’t’ in to ‘I can’. 

      The best result for me was when I walked into my session one afternoon and was literally in pieces over an exam I was taking the following week. I was so full of negativity and doubt and verging on giving up. 90 minutes later I walked out the same room with an ‘I can do this’ attitude and truly believed that I could do and I did do it! This was truly amazing and I can’t begin to tell you how much better I felt going into that exam with a totally different attitude. I passed my exam and I want to thank you as I couldn’t have done it without your help. 

      I would just like to add that it was an absolute pleasure to work with you and can’t thank you enough for your help, guidance, and advice, and also for you’re empathy. I have benefited so much from the 6 sessions and feel everyone should have them as this is such a positive approach. Life can be very hard at times for so many of us and to have the opportunity to take this ‘time out’ to look at myself and my surroundings was such an incredible experience for me.” 

      “Before we started to work together I was very busy with a build-up of stress based on workload and the need to get everything finished and perfectly under control. 

      I wasn’t really sure what to expect of coaching and I think I expected something more directive, so I was pleased that it was more focussed on introspection and considering and challenging myself on assumptions and actions. Working with you has been positive and allowed me to think about things constructively; it has definitely impacted the way I work and the importance I place on things. I feel it’s returned a balance to work and private life whilst still showing me that I enjoy the work I do.

      I am better at prioritising and switching off from less important tasks in order to focus on the bigger picture. I certainly have less anxiety about not being able to respond to everything and resolve everything very quickly and it’s given me a bit more courage to let things go while I get on with other things.

      I have learned that I am motivated by pleasing people and I need to focus less on that side of things. I like to feel that I am doing a good job but I am more motivated by my own perceptions than other peoples! My best result from working with you is prioritisation and perspective. I have found it a useful experience and it gives a bit of space in the middle of the workweek. It also prompts you to think about why you do things the way you do, and act how you do. I wouldn’t have done that on my own and I wouldn’t have improved.”

      “I was at a very low ebb in my life with some very personal problems when we met. I am now in control once more and life is more positive. You introduced some tools which helped me in my working life and personal situation enormously.

      I like the way you adapted your coaching to me and my circumstances. No judgment, just lots of empathy and understanding with one or two solutions. I employ the tools you gave me – with some results. I am now ready for the challenges ahead.

      I have learned not to be so critical and I don’t feel I have to stay in control. The best benefit I have gained from working with you is calming tasks and a model to help with my future prospects. The coaching was perfect for me.”


      “I was very guarded and kept my emotions to myself. When I felt under stress and pressure I would go very quiet. Now I feel confident in showing emotion and letting my team know how I am feeling. I can ask for help without feeling vulnerable.

      You have helped me to look inwardly at myself and enabled me not to fear being vulnerable in the workplace as this is not a sign of weakness but of strength. I am more open with my colleagues about my feelings without fear of criticism.

      I am a lot happier at work and this bounces off the people I come in to contact with. My best bit is being more aware of how my behaviour affects others within my team. You were an excellent coach and facilitator.” 

      “When we met I was lacking confidence and believed I wasn’t good enough. I also put up a lot of barriers to people as I didn’t want to get hurt. 

      I now believe I am good enough and have broadened my horizons. I have let down some of my barriers and I have noticed that people are now more willing to approach me. I am able to deal with issues that before would have caused me to demonstrate undesirable behaviours, in a much more positive way.

      Working with you has been positive and allowed me to think about things that before I did not want to address. It’s helped me to understand why I behaved the way I did. It has definitely impacted the way I work, especially when interacting with others and made me more willing to accept new challenges.

      I am more patient with others and willing to let new people into my life rather than building barriers, which gave people the perception that I was unapproachable.” 

      Coaching has highlighted areas for me to work on, such as being able to prioritise workload more effectively, how situations outside of work can affect my performance, how to acknowledge my feelings better and ask for support when needed. I feel more in control as a result.

      Before I met you I was worried that we might not get on, that I wouldn’t be able to open up about issues, and was unsure if the process would be any help. However, I have enjoyed working with you and found it easier than I thought to talk things through. You recognised when I was struggling and easily changed tactics which I found really helpful. Thank you for persevering through my tears and resistance to certain exercises.

      I am now able to speak to my line manager and colleagues more easily, ask for support and say when I am struggling to keep up. I have learned that it’s ok to cry, it’s ok to ask for help and it’s ok if things don’t go to plan. It’s not always as bad as it seems.

      I have benefited from talking to someone outside of work, my circle of friends and family who has an open perspective and can highlight things from both sides, which I have found invaluable. I would like to have some further sessions as I still have quite a few things I wish to work on.”

      When I first met Amy I felt frustrated and like I was not going anywhere in my career. I have since been promoted and feel I am now working at a level where I am developing. I feel challenged and am enjoying my new role.

      Working with Amy has been really enjoyable. I find her very approachable and I think the tools, techniques and reflective exercises have been invaluable and made a difference – far more than I expected. You don’t know these things until you try them!

      I found the sessions really useful and appreciated Amy’s flexibility and ability to change her approach and focus on different areas as my needs changed.

      As a result of working with Amy, I have changed my perspective on how I think about public speaking and realised that I assume everyone judges by my standards, which can be quite harsh!

      I now have more confidence to stay where I am and try harder to take opportunities, to push forward with public speaking and I know how to understand and accept what my personal criteria are and work with that rather than sit ‘frozen’ or on the fence.

      Working with Amy has been really good, I have really enjoyed our sessions.  Her style is very natural and has really made me think about things.  She provided a safe environment to discuss things, both good and bad. 

      As a result of our sessions, I am much happier at work, I feel I have some additional tools/techniques to help me deal more effectively with challenging work situations and feel a lot more relaxed about things that in the past may have really infuriated me.

      I am now more open to change, more receptive to others, their views & opinions, and have found a compromise in interacting with others without sacrificing my core beliefs. 

      My top 3 outcomes from working with Amy are –

      1. A better understanding of people and their drivers.

      2. Better ways of interacting with people.

      3. A better understanding of group dynamics and their impact. 


      “Before we met I lacked confidence and felt very disconnected from my thoughts and feelings. I often used others to influence my decisions so I wouldn’t have to take responsibility (fear of making the wrong choices). I hid behind others problems to avoid dealing with my own. At work, I took everything personally and felt like my work wasn’t valid or appreciated because I worked differently to most of my team.

      Wow! Move over the old Sophie and say hello to the new confident me! By figuring out the changes & conversations I needed to take in my personal and professional life it has enabled me to let go and freed up headspace to focus on the important things, like my own happiness!

      I can’t express enough how these sessions really have changed my whole outlook on life! I have thoroughly enjoyed my journey with you. I have gained more insight into myself compared to my whole adult life!”


      “My situation was terrible when we met! Really tough personal circumstances that were impacting me in terms of anxiety and emotional upset. I was speaking with a counsellor weekly. I wasn’t sure how coaching would help or if it could. But it’s been fantastic and I wish I’d had it years ago! 

      I am starting to really understand who I am, looking at what I want in my future and also the practical tools and types of conversations I can have with whoever is in my life to progress/resolve issues in a much better way. 

      I now listen to how I truly feel and make others aware of my feelings in a more constructive manner. I’m no longer always the peacekeeper and I have healthy boundaries.

      I’ve learned how important it is to be kind to myself. This is the start of my new life with a focus on what I want and how I can achieve it. As a result of this process I am stronger and I have rebuilt what I had lost in myself.”

      “I felt like a fog had descended and I was allowing my past to negatively impact the present and future. I had lost all confidence and self-belief and really couldn’t see that coming back.

      I couldn’t have imagined the profound positive impact coaching has had in such a short space of time. It’s been amazing! I instantly warmed to you from the moment we met and trusted you implicitly, which allowed me to be very open and honest. I walked away from each session feeling the load lightening and I feel better now than I have in years!

      My confidence has grown and i’m much less anxious. I have learned that change begins with me, that it’s ok to be selfish sometimes, and that to give my best, I have to look after myself.

      The best bit has been getting my life back! I will never be able to thank you enough for what you’ve done. The benefits are immeasurable and I highly recommend you.”


      “Before we started working together I felt I didn’t have enough time to do everything. I would take on a lot of work myself as I didn’t always feel I had people in my team that I could trust to undertake the tasks, or I considered it would take so long to explain what was needed that it would be quicker to do it myself. I wanted to free up more of my time.

      I chose to work with you due to the benefits other members of the procurement team had, having undertaken coaching sessions with you.

      Coaching has helped me to stand back and look at myself and provided techniques to manage my time better. The biggest difference has been learning to delegate & build trust with my team, even if it has taken slightly longer to complete tasks than doing it myself. I now see the benefit of putting in the time at the outset so my team are able to take on more in the future, which in turn frees up time for me.

      I would recommend these coaching sessions.”