Stop The World…

You’re here because you’re tired of feeling stuck in a cycle of overwhelm and exhaustion and you’re ready to make some changes to support your wellbeing.

When Is It Your Turn?

I know you are super busy and your life is full juggling your busy schedule, people that count on you, and all the commitments you need to fulfil. Often your personal needs take a backseat to your to-do list or the demands of others.

It can feel like you’re on a hamster wheel racing around in circles trying desperately to fulfil all the obligations and expectations.

You struggle to say no and worry about letting others down and what they will think. So the heady mix of anxiety and guilt fuels you on even though you feel completely exhausted and overwhelmed.

Despite your best efforts there just doesn’t seem to be much light at the end of the tunnel, and the relentless pressure to perform, please and do it all perfectly is too much. 

You know there has got to be more to life than this ‘rinse and repeat’ rut you are in. You know it deep in your heart.

You often dream of escaping. Of a happier, lighter life free from all the things that are weighing you down. One that includes your needs too (if you can just figure out what they are). 

This coaching programme meets you where you are. It provides the clarity, support and space for you to offload, re-energise and take care of yourself, so you can continue taking care of the things that are important to you. 

Stop outsourcing your happiness and start making choices that are good for you…

  • Why keep dragging around the weight of expectation, fear of judgement, and responsibility?
  • Why keep avoiding those difficult conversations, suffering in silence, and letting the pressure build up until you can’t take it anymore?
  • Why keep deferring to others to make decisions for you and looking outside of yourself for approval?
  • Why keep forsaking yourself for others and getting frustrated when they don’t do the same for you?
  • Why keep saying yes and then feeling your heart sink?
  • Why keep numbing your pain with things that feel good temporarily and spending your hard-earned cash on quick fixes that don’t actually solve the problem?
  • Why wait until you reach breaking point?

It doesn’t have to be that way. I know it’s possible to make these changes because I have done it.

Let me show you how…

“Wow! Move over the old Sophie and say hello to the new confident me! By figuring out the changes & conversations I needed to take in my personal and professional life it has enabled me to let go and freed up headspace to focus on the important things, like my own happiness!

I can’t express enough how these sessions really have changed my whole outlook on life! I have thoroughly enjoyed my journey with you. I have gained more insight into myself compared to my whole adult life!”


Let’s stop the world and get off for a while…

Ok, sure, we can’t stop the planet from spinning, but it is within your power to take time out of your life to rethink the choices you’re making and whether they’re the ones you want to continue making for the rest of your one precious life.

Are they making your heart sink or sing?

Are they taking you in the direction you want to go?

Do you even know where you want to go?

If no, then you need to pause. Together let’s stop the world.

This is your opportunity to get off the hamster wheel, come into a safe space and put down the weight of life. Reconnect with your feelings, wants and needs, unpack what you need to unpack, leave behind whatever you no longer want to take forward with you, and start afresh.

“You can have as many bubble baths as you like but if you’re still pandering to everyone else’s needs and looking for external approval, it’s going to do nothing for you except give you wrinkly skin!”

Hi, I’m Amy.

I specialise in empowering people with big hearts to become ‘responsibly selfish’ by understanding where they end & others begin, building inner & outer confidence, the courage to be true to themselves & strike a balance between caring for others & honouring their needs too.

  • I believe that life is easier when we find the courage to be true to ourselves, and this, for me, is real freedom.
  • I believe that self-care is more than massages and bubble baths. Real self-care is doing what’s right, not necessarily what’s easy, leaning into the discomfort rather than numbing it, and prioritising your needs at least as much as everyone else’s!
  • I believe that the foundation of happiness to really know who you are and that who you are (right now) is more than enough.

You don’t have to know how to change the things that are making you unhappy. Wanting to change is enough, and coaching with me will help you to figure the rest out.

Are you ready to make yourself a priority and give yourself the care and attention you so easily give to others?

Good! You’ve found the right place.

 Stop The World…

My signature 1-2-1 coaching programme takes you on a journey through 6 key areas of transformation –


On where you are, the experiences that got you there, and how you’d like it to change.


Your power, set healthy boundaries & create more time & energy to build a life you love.


Your thoughts, feelings and actions to identify what is holding you back.


Learn how to be kinder to yourself and build better relationships with others.


Yourself, your inner wisdom and the things that light you up and energise you.


Grow your courage, confidence & an unshakeable belief that who you are is more than enough.

How It Works

  • We’ll start with a deep dive pre-coaching questionnaire before our first session so I can tailor your sessions just for you.

  • You’ll get two 90-minute deep-dive coaching calls per month.

  • The magic happens in the space between our coaching sessions, so I’ll be giving you actions, exercises, tools, and techniques to reinforce what we cover in our sessions together and keep you moving forward towards your goals.

  • I will be your confidant, professional listener, thinking, and accountability partner throughout our time together, guiding you step by step through a personalised process to help you get from where you are to where you want to be.
  • Unlimited support and cheerleading from me over email so we can troubleshoot and celebrate each step you take in honouring yourself and your needs.


£300 per month.

There is a minimum commitment of 3 months but once that’s over, you can stay with me as long as you like or you can cancel any time. 

    To hear more about what people are saying about me and my coaching head here.

    I think the biggest difference I have seen from these sessions has been the improvement in my self-confidence and self-worth. This has been the best thing I have ever done with regards to my mental wellbeing. These sessions have not only benefited me when it comes to my career but on every other level as well.”


    Learn To Care Better, Not Less…

    Would you like to…

    • Know who you are and that who you are (right now) is more than enough.
    • Build self-trust and self-confidence.
    • Learn to speak your truth, say no & let go of guilt.
    • Set healthy boundaries at work, in relationships and with yourself.
    • Navigate conflict and difficult conversations with more ease.
    • Build a better, more authentic relationship with yourself and others.
    • Take your power back and feel more in control.
    • Lighten the load and prioritise what’s important.
    • Feel more motivated and energised.
    • Feel calmer, clearer,  happier and a sense of inner peace.

    Then let’s talk…

    Book yourself in for a FREE 60-minute complimentary coaching call. No obligation. No sales patter. We’ll have a virtual cuppa and get to know each other a little better. You can experience coaching first hand so if you choose to invest in yourself and embark on a coaching journey with me you can feel confident in your decision