Build Success By Supporting And Building Your People 

I work with companies, like yours, that recognise that the happiness and wellbeing of their people is paramount to their success. I support change and development and promote wellbeing in the workplace.


The Empowering Change Coaching Programme

Investing in the personal development of your workforce creates happy, engaged, more productive people. It can retain and empower your colleagues, helping them to feel valued and more motivated. It supports people that are struggling, refreshing their thinking, and can help with addressing and reducing poor performance, bad behaviour and absenteeism.

My Empowering Change programme focuses on building self-awareness, confidence, communication, leadership skills, relationship building, and creating solid foundations for emotional wellbeing.

It is a powerful 1:1 coaching programme that is delivered in fortnightly 90 minute deep-dive sessions. It includes a DISC personality assessment and a 15-page report.

A range of tools, processes and hand-outs are included, and the accountability of being part of a 1:1 programme means that what is learnt is implemented and integrated.

The programme can be tailored to the needs of the individual taking part, and in conjunction with any growth areas highlighted in reviews or via discussion with HR or managers to ensure the desired results are achieved.

An optional follow on programme is also available to provide the support, accountability and space to troubleshoot, plan and continue to build on the success of the Empowering Change programme.

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