Become Responsibly Selfish

Hi, I’m Amy, a qualified life and career coach.

I help individuals and organisations to beat stress and burnout and prioritise wellbeing, through 1:1 coaching and training.

Become Responsibly Selfish

Life & career coaching to help you to…

  • Get clear on who you are and what YOU need to be happy.
  • Create healthy boundaries and advocate for yourself.
  • Build self-trust and confidence.
  • Make time for yourself and for what’s important to you.
  • Build better relationships with others. 

Build The Skills To Create A Life That Feels Good For You Too…


Give yourself the gift of time and space to download your thoughts, get clear on how you feel and what you really want.


Find the courage to speak your truth, claim your space and change the things that aren’t working for you. 


Build inner and outer confidence by reconnecting with who you are, and knowing that who you are is more than enough.


Tap in to your inner compass, get honest with yourself and build authentic connection with others. 


Learn how to navigate difficult conversations with ease by understanding yourself better and how we are all different.


What would you do if you couldn’t fail? Let’s explore the possibilities and design a more balanced and fulfilling life and career.

Hi, I’m Amy

I specialise in empowering people with the tendency to people-please, over-give and over-function to become ‘responsibly selfish’ and create a more joyful and balanced life and career.

Imagine a world where we put down the weight of responsibility and expectation and reconnect with ourselves.

Where we care better, not less.

Where it’s possible to choose ourselves AND still be deeply connected to others.

I know that it’s possible to create a world that has room for you too. That fits YOUR unique parts, surrounded by YOUR people, living a life YOU love.  

This is why it’s my mission to guide you back to yourself so you can confidently make choices that are right for you and design a more balanced life that’s happier, lighter, and feels good for you too.  

You don’t have to know how to change the things that are making you unhappy. Wanting to change is enough, and coaching with me will help you to figure the rest out. 

Are you ready to care for yourself at least as much as you care about others?

Good! You’ve found the right place.

What My Clients Say…

“Before we met I lacked confidence and felt very disconnected from my thoughts and feelings. I often used others to influence my decisions so I wouldn’t have to take responsibility (fear of making the wrong choices). I hid behind others problems to avoid dealing with my own. At work, I took everything personally and felt like my work wasn’t valid or appreciated because I worked differently to most of my team.

Wow! Move over the old Sophie and say hello to the new confident me! By figuring out the changes & conversations I needed to take in my personal and professional life it has enabled me to let go and freed up headspace to focus on the important things, like my own happiness!

I can’t express enough how these sessions really have changed my whole outlook on life! I have thoroughly enjoyed my journey with you. I have gained more insight into myself compared to my whole adult life!”


“My situation was terrible when we met! Really tough personal circumstances that were impacting me in terms of anxiety and emotional upset. I was speaking with a counsellor weekly. I wasn’t sure how coaching would help or if it could. But it’s been fantastic and I wish I’d had it years ago! 

I am starting to really understand who I am, looking at what I want in my future and also the practical tools and types of conversations I can have with whoever is in my life to progress/resolve issues in a much better way. 

I now listen to how I truly feel and make others aware of my feelings in a more constructive manner. I’m no longer always the peacekeeper and I have healthy boundaries.

I’ve learned how important it is to be kind to myself. This is the start of my new life with a focus on what I want and how I can achieve it. As a result of this process I am stronger and I have rebuilt what I had lost in myself.”


“I felt like a fog had descended and I was allowing my past to negatively impact the present and future. I had lost all confidence and self belief and really couldn’t see that coming back.

I couldn’t have imagined the profound positive impact coaching has had in such a short space of time. It’s been amazing! I instantly warmed to you from the moment we met and trusted you implicitly, which allowed me to be very open and honest. I walked away from each session feeling the load lightening and I feel better now than I have in years!

My confidence has grown and i’m much less anxious. I have learned that change begins with me, that it’s ok to be selfish sometimes, and that to give my best, I have to look after myself.

The best bit has been getting my life back! I will never be able to thank you enough for what you’ve done. The benefits are immeasurable and I highly recommend you.”


Let’s Get Started…

If you’d like to experience what it would be like to work with me I invite you to click the button below to book a complimentary coaching call. This is not a sales call. It’s an obligation-free powerful deep dive into you and your current goals and challenges. 

Book a complimentary session

One full hour to work on a responsibly selfish related issue of your choice.

Hit the button below, fill out the form and I’ll be in touch to book you in…


Show up for yourself

This is a powerful, sales pitch-free conversation where you bring an issue you are struggling with and we’ll explore it together.

Move forward with clarity

Leave your session fueled with new knowledge, tools, and techniques, along with some next steps for you to take to move you closer to where you want to be.

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